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The Lucky Sage

Hi, I’m Briana

I use numerology to help folks tap into their personal formula for passion, purpose, and profits.

What's Numerology?

Numerology is the esoteric science that assigns meaning to numbers. It gives us insight into people, places, and events, making every number a learning opportunity.

What's the System?

Every numerologist has a different school of thought. So you may get different numbers depending on who you work with. There’s no right or wrong. Listen to your intuition and go with what you connect with.

Divine Guidance
Divine Guidance
Diving Timing
Divine Guidance
Karmic Lessons
Business Guidance


“This is not the first time I’ve had a reading of this sort done, but something different happened this time. What I heard clearly from wherever these things come from is ‘You are being prepared.’ I am deeply grateful, humbled by the potential of my own soul and full of love.”

Jill Prescott

Spiritual Badass

“Through my Numerologist Briana of The Lucky Sage I learned about my Soul Number which is number 8, The Business Minded Leader. There are so many more numbers beyond the life path that provide so much insight. She breaks it all down in a way that brings tons of clarity.”

Jhéanell Adams

Astrology Consultant