Hey There!
I’m Briana.

aka The Lucky Sage

I’m a Numerologist and Intuitive Guidance Counselor, here to help folks tap into their personal formula for passion, purpose, and profits.

Numerology is the esoteric science that assigns meaning to numbers. It gives us insight into people, places, and events, making every number a learning opportunity.

The basics are:

  • When calculating, we add digits together to reach a single digit number 1-9.
  • The only exceptions are for Master Numbers: 11, 22, and 33.
  • Every letter is assigned to a number 1-9.
  • 0 is seen as an enhancer, but not as an archetype.
Briana aka The Lucky Sage

My Mission

Provide intuitive guidance counseling to those who are interested in creating their personal formula for joy & success. My job is to make “doing the work” a lot more user-friendly.

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The Lucky Sage
The Lucky Sage
The Lucky Sage


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